It All Started with a Covid Pivot

In the spring of 2020 Carla and Dave Mertz at Iron Shoe Farm went through some crazy changes of pace. With restaurant shifts and lower sales, they decided to add local producers to their online platform sales. This created The Pantry: their on farm store. This year in 2021 they have decided to launch: The Pantry Box Co. creating a sister business featuring all Minnesota based producers! Supporting the local food system and bringing awareness to the community is a strong mission. 

The Pantry Box Co. features local box sets, corporate gift giving and custom orders. From movie night snacks and local popcorn, coffee samplers, North Shore R&R featuring local teas and honey, you'll be pleasantly surprised with the array of products!

Stay tuned during the launch of this new company in creating something truly unique~

In all things good in food for the soul~